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Beatport will soon be allowing users to stream their catalogue to DJ software. As we reported earlier this year, electronic music streaming platform was acquired by Beatport, leading the way for a transition from download store to streaming platform.

Beatport did launch it's own Spotify-esque electronic music listening streaming service, but the purchase of Pulselocker – a platform that allowed DJs to stream directly into Serato, rekordbox and other DJ software – meant that Beatport's focus would most likely shift from consumer-based listening services to professional DJ platform streaming through apps and potential hardware.

That suspicion was confirmed this morning at this year's IMS when Beatport outlined the roadmap for their new services which included a subscription service by Q4 2018 and the ability to "stream the entire catalogue into leading performance software" by the beginning of 2019. It's not clear what apps or platforms will adopt this new streaming service but given that Pulselocker already supported Serato and rekordbox, there's a high chance both those apps will be supported.

2018 is Beatport's second consecutive year of growth and profitability under a new management team and as a division of LiveStyle, and revenue from track sales has grown more than 7% year-on-year.

The implications are huge for the industry – it's likely to see Pioneer DJ adopt a similar, if not the same technologies for the next major version of their CDJ range. How it operates is yet to be announced but we'll keep you up to date as news drops.